*This is a working document and is subject to additions and changes.*

Our staff and our customers health and safety are the absolute highest priority for us. The most important thing we can say is,  if you are feeling any symptoms (fever, new cough or difficulty breathing) please stay home, wash your hands and report to a health care provider.

Please take note and follow the procedures below:

  • Use the sanitizing station for your hands before entering the building 

  • You can find and print our scorecard here if you prefer

  • Tee times and payments can be made online using e-transfer or our guests can call in their credit card number if they prefer

  • If you are unable to pay online, please bring a ‘tap’ (no touch) functioning credit/debit card

  • Please keep 2m, 6.5’ distance away from all of our staff and customers at all times 

  • Only one person per time in the bathroom, please

  • Our Pro Shop has personal space tape on the ground for your reference

  • DO NOT touch flagsticks. Piping will be put into the cups to avoid this

  • We have removed ball washers, sand/seed and bunker rakes until further notice

  • Our Pro Shop will be spacing tee times out to avoid congestion. Please keep pace and give space

  • Our Pro Shop will have spacing lines on the floor, please only enter the pro shop if necessary and stay well away from others

  • Please pick up and place broken tees in the disposal box or garbage 

  • Power carts are sanitized after each use

  • Pull carts are to be sanitized before each use

  • Our Staff will be behind a polyurethane screen at the counter

  • Please no congregating in the lot


Thank you! Let’s all do our best to stay healthy and safe!

If you have any concerns or think we could do anything to be safer, please email: